Saalschutz2Saalschutz (Audiolith) is a band from Zurich formed by DJ Flumroc and DJ M T Dancefloor. They combine electronic dance music with mostly German, sometimes English and seldom French or Swiss German lyrics which often have dadaistic characteristics. It combines the styles of Synthpop, Electropunk and Electroclash – as well as Metal, Garage Rock, Tribal House and Trance.

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Coffee or Tea?

Vegetables or Meat?

Subway, Car or Bike?

Pub or Club?

Digital or Analog?

PC or MAC?
PC so far. But you never know.

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
The Beatles

What are you doing first after waking up?
Opening my eyes, i guess

What turns you on / off?
On: Sexual interaction, intelligence and kindness. Off: dumbness and cruelty.

What were you like in school?
Depends on the age. absent minded, sometimes loud, then nerdy, the first few years i was a good student but it got worse and worse in grammar school.

What is the first record you bought, and when?
I don’t remember

What is your embarrassing favorite song?
I feel embarassed about more than one thing but not about any favourite song. either i like it or i don’t.

What do you don´t like about yourself?
That i am quickly distracted and that i need a lot of time to finish a project, if i finish it at all.

If you could learn a random skill, what would you learn? Time travel or working professionally with pyrotechnics.

Which instruments did you learn?
Recorder in kindergarten, later acoustic and electric guitar.

What are you good in besides doing music?
I am a quite acceptable cook.

What do you like a) most and b) least about being a musician/producer/dj…?
Most: playing live. Least: sitting in a car, train, plane. So maybe teleportation would be the better random skill.
Technical difficulties at soundchecks are also very annoying, but luckily it doesn’t happen too often.

What are you currently working on?
Nothing specific. trying out stuff and listening to loops for hours.

Is there anything else you want to say?
Thank you.

Saalschutz Tourdates

01.08.2014 Schierling (DE) – Labertal Festival
02.08.2014 Friedland (DE) – Jenseits von Millionen Festival
08.08.2014 Berlin (DE) – SO36
15.08.2014 Übersee (DE) – Chiemsee Summer
01.10.2014 Ravensburg (DE) – Studio 104
02.10.2014 Kempten (DE) – Künstlerhaus
03.10.2014 Leipzig (DE) – Werk2
04.10.2014 Braunschweig (DE) – Nexus
05.10.2014 Hamburg (DE) – Hafenklang


Find Saalschutz on:

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