KysonKyson is composer/producer/vocalist Jian Kellet Liew. The Adelaide-born, Berlin-based artist sees music as the platform through which he feels most comfortable – projecting his imagination through musical narratives; embracing and documenting the images and sounds of the world he’s traveled – from the chaos and cacophony of bustling cities, to the peaceful, sun-drenched comfort of his own hometown.
Experimenting with analog synthesizers and obscure percussion instruments helped Kyson create the melancholic atmosphere of “The Waters Way”, the title of his new LP and first with Friends of Friends Music – a reflection of his time living in the long and harsh European winter.

Read the Smallltalk with Kyson & catch him playing in Berlin the 13 June at DEVISE Magazine Launch Party at Urban Spree! Join the event here:


Coffee or Tea?

Vegetables or Meat?
Meat.. well both i guess, if i just ate meat that would be pretty horrible.

Subway, Car or Bike?

Pub or Club?
Club, i don’t really drink

Digital or Analog?
Thats a tough one, i really honestly need both.

PC or MAC?

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
The Beatles

What are you doing first after waking up?
Eating or having a shower, it was a coffee and a cigarette for the last 5 years though.

What turns you on / off?
Not sure how to answer that…

What were you like in school?
I didn’t get the chance to finish High School so i guess i wasn’t that good of a student, something I’m not too proud of these days.

What is the first record you bought, and when?
To be honest i don’t know, not until about 10 years ago..

What is your embarrassing favorite song?
Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman (Among Others) i have a lot.

What do you don´t like about yourself?
That i smoke

If you could learn a random skill, what would you learn?
Probably to play guitar.

Which instruments did you learn?
None really, just taught myself to somewhat play keyboard/synths.. and these bits of gear i have.. they are all instruments to me aswell as the computer of course.

What are you good in besides doing music?
Not much.. i love to skateboard when i is definitely the thing i’m “best” at.

What do you like a) most and b) least about being a musician/producer/dj…?
a) Finishing Songs and having fun with friends jamming/ Playing Live. b) The industry

What are you currently working on?
Working on some exciting collaborations with some wonderful people and also working on a new Kyson Record.

Is there anything else you want to say?
Turn that frown upside down.

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