This is the brand new Overload EP signed by Warm Hall, one of the most promising techno projects of this moment.

The EP kicks off with a exciting intro called “Filter Low”. This is a deep and atmospheric track is like a space journey that´s melodic at the same time. “The End” could be described as the typical Warm Hall sound; an hypnotic and repetitive techno track with catchy synths. The last track “114” speeds up the tempo with convincing techno anthem for dance floor peak time. Already supported by Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha , Joseph Capriati, Ian Odonovan, Marc Marzenit and Henry Saiz.

This 3 track EP is a complete release with a wide sound palette showing the productions skills of the talented techno duo Warm Hall and is the first of a serie of EP´s that they will release proximately on Paradigma Musik.

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