After keeping themselves during more than 15 years in the changeable electronic European scene and with more than 20 years of work in the study, Ichi Godkiller and Yoko Godkiller become strong as an artistic couple and they settle down in 2011 in the city of Barcelona to start planning the lines of their new project.

With a sound in between industrial electronic music to IDM and the most hypnotic techno, a show that breaks the boundaries between the dj set and the conventional live, and the different collaborations with interesting creators of different art areas, the Godkillers project materializes a perfect way out to the creative madness of this duet.

Promoters of their own parties called KULT” celebrated at the legendary club “Siroco” in Madrid, shaping itself as an authentic club in which a tribute to the dance electronic music with capital letters handed by the most outstanding “gurus” of this musical field.

They have been working very hard at the studio all this past year 2012 to consolidate their productions which we will be soon be delighted to hear.

Their fist EP “JINGI” will see the light with Labyrinth Label at the begining of March, followed by the EP “YOKO” with remixes of Dalida and Error Etica on which will be their brand new label “ISM” owned by themselves.

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