Alongside the relaunch of Tortured, with the first EP released in January 2013, Billy Nasty also announces the return of Tortured’s sister label, Electrix.

Electrix was more experimental in nature and released a mixture of dancefloor-friendly electro and deeper techno, inspired by the sounds of Miami, Detroit and those deep and dubby releases by the hugely influential Basic Channel. It was famous for getting techno producers like Cari Lekebusch, Umek, Phil Kieran and Chris McCormack on the electro tip but also for releasing quality tracks from the likes of Dynarec, Mr Velcro Fastener, Transparent Sound, Max Durante and Keith Tucker who were already known for that sound. The label now picks up where it left off, blurring the lines between techno, electro and electronica without being self-indulgent and losing its grip on the dancefloor.

For the first release on the newly reformed Electrix, RadioNasty (Billy Nasty and Keith Tenniswood aka Radioactive Man) return after their techno-orientated  “Breakin Bad EP on Tortured, with the other side to their collaborative sound, “Clave To The Rhythm EP”.

The original RadioNasty productions vary from the bouncing electro beats of the title track, through the complex acid workout that is “Stevie Wunderbah“, to the more experimental bleeps and bass of “Devil Fishing“.

Released as a three-track EP on vinyl, the digital version will also feature bonus remixes of  “Clave To The Rhythm” by Transparent Sound (heralding the return of Martin Brown and Orson Bramley’s analogue pairing) and Scape One (the electronic brainchild of Kurt Baggaley), plus an additional reworking of ‘Stevie Wunderbah’ by RadioNasty themselves.

Electrix have also launched a series of podcasts to introduce the label’s style and the future sounds of electro. The first mix is by RadioNasty to coincide with the EP release and features exclusive forthcoming tracks from Carl A Finlow and Sync24. Available to listen only, here


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