Mendo_ArtistImageCWebMendo presents his first album: Avalon. The album includes 14 tracks of different styles such as Downtempo, House & Tech- House. Mendo originally started the album in 2010 with tracks like “Aventuras”, “Madrugada” and “Inocencia”, but due to the fact that someone uploaded a dj set including “Aventuras”, it got ripped and published on Internet before the official release. This is why “Encantos EP” was released including “Aventuras” and “Madrugada” and the plan of the album changed completely. After the big success of “Encantos EP”, Mendo received many remix requests what made him postpone the release of the album a little. In 2012 he left his native country, Switzerland, and moved to Malaga (Spain). He built a new recording studio and re-started the album with 14 completely new tracks. Finally, in 2013, Avalon is ready to be released on his own label: Clarisse Records.

I must say my fav. track of the album is called “Abstract Feat. Carla Krevey“. If you listen to it you will know why.

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