The amazing Mad Kate—renowned performance artist, writer, dancer, and vocalist with a musical background in punk, soul, folk, house and rock n’ roll—has teamed up with The Tide—experimental guitarist and producer—to create the performance project of our times—multilayered, hyperlinked, interdisciplinary—and as much skilled performance as it is a pleasure to listen to.

Mad Kate is an American living and working in Berlin since 2004. She integrates her skills as a singer, mover, writer and conceptual artist, working in general with themes about sexuality, gender, sex positivism, and human rights. She was one of the members of the Queer X Tour that toured Europe in 2009, captured on film by Emilie Jouvet in the queer-feminist road documentary “Too Much Pussy” (also shown at the SXSW Film Festival in 2011).

Mad Kate has toured extensively around Europe, Russia and the United States as a solo artist, as well as supporting artist for several other projects and bands, including The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Peaches, and DJ Hell. She is a dancer/mover in the electro-punk performance band BONAPARTE (SXSW in 2011) since 2008, and one of two front women in the punk cabaret band KAMIKAZE QUEENS (SXSW 2009) since 2006.

The Tide is the Sound behind the persona of Jacopo Bertacco. Born in Milan and currently living in Berlin, he is a musician, yoga instructor and artist open to experimentation and contamination between different languages. Since 2000 he has devoted himself to multimedia performances, film soundtracks, and worked with theatre, bands and live performance. A member of the legendary The League of Crafty Guitarists guitar ensemble, since 2007 he has played and performed with Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists, touring Europe and North America. He is also the singer-guitarist-frontman of the crossover-experimental rock band TONGS since 2011.

Together, the Tide on guitar, loops, electronics and Mad Kate singing, speaking and screaming and moving—grace the stage and touch their audience as they practice ALIVEness: queering our self-understanding in a global context in order to be more effective activists and global citizens. Mad Kate | the Tide has already had the honor of headlining the Gottingen Feminist Festival, supporting Peaches at the SlutWalk Soli party in Berlin, and sharing the night with Penny Arcade at the International Performance Art Festival in Copenhagen. They will release their conceptual album ALIVEness in early 2013, along with a book of experimental prose by the same name. Its dynamic range of music forms the backbone for Mad Kate’s conceptual performance art and movement—therefore it draws from multiple styles and musical influences, ranging from punk to folk to psychedelic to spoken word and leaves their audience breathless, agitated, provoked and consciously engaged.

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