Waiting For You” is a song to fall in love!

The new single from Kris Menace is a collaboration with Black Hills, a young hotly tipped vocalist from Washington DC, taken from the stunning vocal album, “Features“.

The remix package for “Waiting For You” contains stellar mixes from OLIVER (Kitsuné, LA), Fingerpaint (one half of Classixx, LA), Dosem (Soma), Volta Cab (Isaev) and Vincent Fries (Work It Baby).

Black Hills explains, “I had so many vocal ideas for “Waiting for You,” and Kris built the song in just the most beautiful way. When I first heard the demos, I was immediately transported to the clubs’ bright lights and dark corners–I knew the lyrics had to capture that sense of excitement and possibility, when the night can take you anywhere. Listening to it now, even, I can’t wait for what’s ahead!

Kris Menace goes on to add, “I want that people feel good and special about listening to this track. It’s just got something magical about it

This new single will be out on the 13 of May COMPUPHONICBtw, i love COMPUPHONIC´s website.

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