James Ruskin and Mark Broom return to Blueprint Records as The Fear Ratio this month with ‘Skana EP’, released on 20th July.

Following various collaborative 12”s, these two techno friends introduced us to the world of The Fear Ratio back in November with the critically acclaimed ‘Light Box’ album, which featured the heavily charted ‘Mas’ amongst it’s 13-track splendor.

The Fear Ratio moniker was created to focus on the more experimental, electronica sound they had been moulding in the studio and the contemporary sounds of ‘Light Box’ were welcomed not only by their devoted techno followers, but also reached out to a new home-listening audience.

The ‘Skana EP’ released this month, delivers four new beautifully crafted cuts that will please their new TFR fans, while still lending themselves to the dancefloor for more adventurous DJs.

With their tough, heavy basslines, overlaid with syncopated beats, clipped tones and synth led melodies, ‘Skana EP’ continues where ‘Light Box’ left off and shows once again why these two talented UK producers are still at the very top of their game.

Expect to be impressed!


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