Futurecop! first came onto the scene through blogs and myspace way back in 2007. Manzur started his musical journey in a punk rock band and met Peter at University, while djing at a rave. In 2006 they started to make electronic music to bring back their childhood memories (eighties cartoons, movies and video games) together with their love for vintage synthesizers, daydreams, retro-futurism and artists such as Justice and Daft Punk; together they created Futurecop!. Since then they have toured the world and released 3 EPs.

Over the last two years Manzur and Peter have been in their studio, creating music with their vintage machines to find the answer to what Futurecop! is about and why they started Futurecop! all those years back.

The result is “Hopes, Dreams & AlienationFuturecop!‘s new album, planned for release in 2013.
«“Futurecop is a symbol of escapism, thats why we always have unicorns, robots, princesses etc in our artwork and that is also why we have always played around with nostalgia in our music. This new album is an extension of this but also helps to understand why we look back or why we want to escape, so its more melancholy compared to anything we have ever done.
“The whole concept behind the album is based around a story / movie we made up, which helped us create the music for the album. “Hopes, Dreams & Alienation” is the movie’s title and its about a good person, who struggles with life as he comes to age, finding life lonely, stressful and depressing, the more he learns life. So he turns to his keyboard and daydreams to escape life and create fantasies in his head. This man develops maladaptive daydreaming and slowly becomes a misanthropist. However eventually he cannot distinguish what is real and what are his daydreams and it ends up driving him crazy.”
Watch out for new Futurecop! singles feat Cavaliers of Fun including remixes by Lifelike, Uppermost, P.A.F.F. and Kill Them With Colour available exclusively on Beatport on March 25 by Cliché Musique in America and Kiez Beats in Europe. Official release date is on April 9.

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