Cigùri - “Mare Nostrum”From the composition on her piano to the sewing machine on which she creates her costumes, through the production of the videos
that accompanies her live performances, Alice combines her many talents to give life to her warrior character Cigùri. Living in Berlin, where she has her studio since many years, Alice originates from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Her debut album, entitled “Mare Nostrum” from the ancient name the romans gave to the Sea, is now ready.
To produce this album, Cigùri has surrounded herself with an army of musicians, whose brass and chords sublime her dark electronic compositions. “Mare Nostrum” has the intimacy of Cat Power, the charisma of Kate Bush and the determination of The Knife.

Listen to the Album Overview:

Cigùri´s “Mare Nostrum” Album Release Party is happening Friday Feb 21st at Roter Salon in Berlin. She will be joined by Kerta von Kubin a steal drum player and the aftershow will open the pandora box of dark wave and drip hop electronica with Mt sims, Brandowitsch and Magritte Jaco.
The party starts at 21:00
Entrance costs 10€ (with a CD)
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Check out the Live-Video for “Snow Box”:


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