Carretta_WokerpoorOhhh Yesss!  Carretta & Workerpoor are about to release their new ep. “I.N.T.R.U.D.E.R.S” in august 2013 on their own record label Space Factory.  A massive electronic bomb! i been listening to it, and without doubt, it will became a classic!


Well-known figure of the trendy electronic scene since the mid 90s thanks to International DJ Gigolo, David Carretta has never stopped producing massively on his own record label Space Factory.
Today teamed up with mysterious aly Workerpoor, the duet is in totally in tune with the powerful dark electro scene alongside partners like Arnaud Rebotini, The Hacker & Gesaffelstein.

Carretta & Workerpoor first ep has been released on Zone record label.
Besides, their recent live act has left a deep impression on the audience. Their latest remixes for Arnaud Rebotini, The Horrorist & Scratch Massive have also proved that the duet is a perfect combination of efficiency and darkness. Carretta & Workerpoor have also collaborated on their last ep. with Brodinski’s muse for record label Bromance Louisahhh !!!.

Last but not least, one of their last track “Body Control” has been selected by Erol Alkan to feature on the I Love Techno 2013 compilation.

Already play listed and supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Tiga, The Hacker, Brodinski, Dave Clarke, among others

Are you ready for the explosion?

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