Photo bu Kristina Frick

Photo bu Kristina Frick

aMinus just released a super groovy song!Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

aMinus is the electro-pop project of Berlin-based Valentin Plessy, founding member of dance-clash ensemble Plateau Repas and drummer of Kool Thing.

aMinus explores electro-pop sounds informed by house, synth pop and sometimes R’n’B, “drawing inspiration from narratives centered around gender and chaotic relationships which characterize our everyday life”.
Don’t Mind Me Now” is the lead single of his second album “Options“. aMinus teams up with Magritte Jaco of Plateau Repas for a track which goes down the pop route using the palette of dance sub genres.

As for the video by Robin Plessy:

Trawling the streets of Kreuzberg, recruiting troops for an unexpected style of showdown, aMinus’ slaps the shit out of Berlin. As the hate and frustration is released in a less than friendly fashion, all elements climax and the scorn of the slap gets steamy.

Don’t Mind Me Now” is out now with remixes from Electrosexual, Henning Specht and Stereon on Bandcamp and Itunes.

The album is coming in mid-November through Mad Dog & Love Records.

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