Cover - Alloinyx - Fake Acid - 500pxAlloinyx´s latest digital release “Fake Acid” is out now and sounds like a bomb tumbling from the sky.

This brand new three track EP is published by “Oh! My God it’s Techno Music!” (OMGITM), one of Germany’s biggest electro labels/communities.

Alloinyx‘s high quality production style (including live bass, guitars and drums) generated positive feedback among several well-known artists like F.O.O.L Music (Sweden) and Moonbootica (Germany).

Alloinyx is a music producer and Electro DJ based in Berlin, Germany.
After growing up in Bavaria’s idyllic Alp region Alloinyx got into music production after his move to Berlin and connecting to the local HipHop scene in the mid 2000s. From 2009 to 2011 he ran the art project Alloinyx together with the Swiss graphic designer iHad, combining visual art with Alloinyx’s beats which became faster and increasingly electronic.

Since 2011 Alloinyx plays DJ-sets all over Germany and has been working together with well-established artists such as Berlin’s Techno kings Pan-Pot, German rapper Prinz Pi, as well as several European Indierock bands.

Whether club banger or Rock remix—the trademark of Alloinyx‘s sound is the high quality production and distinctive musical approach which sets him apart from the ordinary laptop producer. Not only does he program his cranky analog synthesizers—he sometimes also plays his own live drums, electric guitar and bass. Out in Berlin’s dirty streets with his field recorder, he samples the City’s sounds which he later runs through a thousand software filters until his old Pentium-4-PC—Alloinyx’s friends call it the “Millenium Falcon“—starts to melt.

In his current projects Alloinyx captures the nervous vibe of Berlin’s nightlife and combines it with the 80’s carefree nostalgia.

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