The first Killerrr Night in 2015 is ready to happen the 31 January at Kaffee Burger in Berlin with LAN (Live / Sugar Candy Mountain), Yasmin Gate (DJ-Set / Killerrr) and Dualesque (DJ-Set / Killerrr).

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Live, Sugar Candy Mountain

They love jazz, master pop and dance techno – the band LAN is like Berlin in a singing bowl – individual, colorful, notoriously broke and megalomaniac. Now they are sending out UROP, their second album, into the big wild world of music. And they are news already.
LAN, that’s three musicians: pianist Henning Grambow, bassist Klaus Klose and singer Colya Kärcher. A perfectly matched troika that in countless electronic jam sessions has been playing the music and getting the party going. These experimental concert nights, known as LAN SESSIONS, are regularly celebrated in Kreuzberg’s backyard clubs and frequently known to go wild.

Yasmin Gate

Yasmin Gate
DJ Set, Killerrr

Berlin based DJ, Producer and Performance Artist Yasmin Gate from Argentina plays her favorite tunes from electro, though techno to trap. Check out her latest single and video “Da geht der Punk ab” and her latest Killerrradio Dj Mix.


DJ Set, Killerrr

For the past couple of years the two brothers have locked themselves away in their joint studio in Berlin to work on the intricate sounds of their debut album FIX IT. The long play effort is at points loud, sometimes louder, and sometimes even driven more ‘in your face’ – the lead off single “Loud” states this boldly.

Date / Location / Directions

31.01.2015 Berlin, Kaffee Burger
22h, Torstrasse 60, Berlin-Mitte
U2 Rosenthaler Platz

Kaffee Burger Killerrr

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