My argentinian friends from Modex present the first single, “Better World”, of their upcoming album “A Beat of Everything“. “Better World” was produced and written by Modex, with collaborations of Delta del Rio and Hernan Hana.

A Beat of Everything”  is a nine track album output and it will be out next year as a digital download and vinyl on Pinball Recordings.

The “Better World” single is a free download for a limited period of time, so hurry up and grab it here!

Modex was formed by Gaby and Martin in mid-2003 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their sound combines new wave and disco, a nice combination for the dance floor. In 2008 they released the “Materialize EP” through the recognized label PIAS, which lead them to tour Europe (UK, Russia, Spain, Scotland, Germany), Mexico (National Tour Magazine Marvin), Chile, Colombia (Stereo Festival picnic 2011) and Argentina (Creamfields 08). In 2009 they launched “Remixalize”,  with the remixes of the Materialize EP, performed by artists of the electronic scenes of Argentina, Chile and Mexico. In 2010 they published “The Zombie EP”  including the single & reworks.

They also have produced remixes for other bands like Capri, Les Mentettes, Cosmo, Timothy Brownie (Mex), Julian Aznar, Diosque, United del Mar (COL), Manta Raya, and Lavial Mompox.

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