Yasmin Gate - "Da geht der Punk ab"Yasmin Gate is launching her new single “Da geht der Punk ab”. Besides the original track, the release includes remixes by Janski Beeeats (Police Records), Tubbe (Audiolith Records) and Claek (Make The Girl Dance).

Paris-born Claek is dropping a sharp and groovy stripped down techno track. The german duo Tubbe takes the EBM route and made a club killer remix with a very analog feel, driven by a massive bassline. Janski Beeeats who defines his sound as “electro-surf-rock-ultra-visual” stamps his Japanese manga tribulations in a powerful electro track infected of an 8-bit flavor.


“Da geht der Punk ab” is out now in all stores:

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Yasmin Gate is a vocalist, Dj and performance artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2004, while living in Madrid, she starts Dirty Princess, a project that would hit the spotlight with their raw EBM sound and their provocative performances. Soon after, they will join the rooster of International Deejay Gigolo Records. In 2008 life takes her back to Buenos Aires. This will mean the end of Dirty Princess and the beginning her solo career as Yasmin Gate.

Her sound, more eclectic now, is still powerful and dancefloor oriented but with a more modern and personal feel. For her live performances she would incorporate a custom, never-seen-before instrument, the “Dsumi” (DS Unconventional MIDI Instrument) designed in Argentina by DS Digital Luthier.

In 2010 she goes back to Europe and starts showcasing her new material in venues like the Rex in Paris, Tresor in Berlin or the Gipsy Club in Moscow. In 2011 now established in Berlin she releases her first album “YG The Album” on Space Factory, featuring artists such as DJ Hell, T.Raumschmiere, Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) among others.

Now Yasmin Gate is launching the second single “Da Geht Der Punk Ab” of her upcoming album produced by the german duo Dualesque, also responsable for the production of her first single “Spinning Around”. With “Da Geht Der Punk Ab” Yasmin Gate gets personal, almost autobiographical, delivering an energetic and straight forward electro-techno-pop track masterly crafted by the Unterhuber brothers Dualesque.

Watch the Video:

Listen to “Da geht der Punk ab”

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