The Fool’s Stone brings together a special group of people that all have had an intense career in Club, music and art.
Gaia Brigida is a performance artist from the Italian Club scene known for her extreme personae, Hard Ton have certainly revolutionized the idea of Disco and High Energy combined with gallons of Acid and have also stormed the stage with perfect performances that fall nothing short of Leigh Bowery’s Xtravaganza appearances.
On top of all this highly expressive combination comes the dark industrial mastermind of Adriano Canzian, who has supplied the Club world with worldwide hits that were featured many times in fashion and art shows.
What unites all four members of this radical act is their questioning of identity, it’s meaning on sexuality and physical expression. The result is a psychotic ride on the roots of Techno, Acid House, EBM and Detroit electro.
Hommages are paid but there is a strong sense of original ideas that runs like a thin red line throughout the whole album and unifies the very diverse influences.
The production is inspired by the questions that make up the dark side of the coin of our ‘safe’ lives. Sadomasochistic obsession with exploitative power, sexual and emotional dependency, all of human neurosis that entertainment focused Club music normally turns a blind eye to.
The Fool’s Stone provide anthems to our times, celebrating the change that is in the air telling us that it is a good thing to rethink what we are used to.
Crossing identities, blurring gender definitions and walking the edge of sanity are all things everybody has to deal with these days and The Fool’s Stone are telling us the stories that go with this change.

The Fool’s Stone just released “Nonversation” on “Killekill Megahits II” (Killekill Records, Berlin) and their full album is set to be release in autumn.

Don´t miss their Live Debut on the 23rd of July at Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin!

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