T. LebonT-Lebon (Tayda) spent his adolescence between New York, Miami, and Buenos Aires, Argentina- his place of birth. If you ask Tayda, he’d say he’s been seemingly preparing his whole life to make this album one single at the time. Tayda spent several years honing his various creative talents and has worked professionally as a model, actor, tattoo artist, costume designer, prop builder, and set designer as well as musician.Tayda began his first musical project in 1994, a group that would eventually be known as Guruta, an Alternative/Hip Hop group. A few years later Tayda recorded another new project he dubbed- Totally Home Made: “A Love Album”.

“Wifi Kidnap Scene¨ is more of a euro dance kind of beat compared to other tracks, is really good party, club track, and talks about something most of us went ore go threw wen a close person to us gets lost in the net.

“No More Mr. Nice Gay” represents Tayda’s first offerings to the cult of Hip Hop. Partly triggered by the growing statistics of bullied LGBT youth around the globe, Tayda decided to release the “NNMNG” LP at time when society appears to be the most accepting, while simultaneously full of more hate & vitriol then we’ve seen in years. As a gay man and artist, Tayda identifies with today’s youth and further implores that we all join a call to arms [or call to action] for all LGBT persons around the world.

Know to some as an actor, and to others as a musician, most agree that Tayda is one “cool mothafucka” with a deep love & appreciation for Hip Hop. When asked by a reporter how he would describe his music in 7 words, Tayda simply replied “Hip Hop for the rest of us.”

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