Patokai - The Square Wave KnightPatokai, artist and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was starting his project in 2011 merging electronic music, rock and science fiction.

Patokai arises from an uncertain future, from chaos, from the struggle against attachment, from fears, from catharsis, from the virtual world , from technological interrelationships, to get in consequence a reaction, a pure moment of expression. His sonorous arsenal counts with bass, synthesizers, drum machines, guitars and voice modulators, which are played, sequenced and triggered in real time, showing a perfect symbiosis between the man and the machine, as a one man band, making music styles such as electroclash, futurepop and synthpunk.

“The Square Wave Knight” is his first LP, offering a glimpse of an apocalyptic future, overwhelmed by automats at the edge of rebellion, which also has time for cybernetic romance, showing his love for science fiction authors as JG Ballard, William Gibson and Phillip Dick.

Watch out for Patokai, touring in Europe in June/July 2014.

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