Mont-Royal-MonsterInMe-1000Not too long ago Jack Smith and Daphne Stigers bumped into each other in Berlin and decided to collaborate – in spite of their different musical backgrounds: Jack Smith has been making music since his early teens. Not only did he release several albums as a rapper but he also produced countless Hip Hop, Soul and RnB tracks on his label „Antifunk“. At the time he was also a frequent guest on stages throughout the land.

Quite contrary to Daphne Stigers. After spending her youth listening to more or less guitar-heavy music, taking piano-lessons and singing in a school choir, she discovered the electronic genres, but most importantly: she discovered electronic devices which enabled her to capture her own ideas. As fate would have it Jack and Daphne met, bundled their creativity, their divergent styles, ideas and experiences and created what is now subsumed under the name „Mont Royal“.

And therefore contrast is what describes Mont Royal ́s sound best: It ́s a bittersweet 80ies tune flirting with bassy Hip Hop-beats, melancholy synths and strings caressing Trip Hop-drums and Pop-drunk Electro-ballads. Seductively catchy but edgy at the same time.

Their new EP „Monster in me“ is a fine example of what Mont Royal stands for: The single „Monster in me“ is an intense beat accompanied by Daphne Stigers´ strong, distinct vocals. Poppish but simultaneously deep and powerful.

Along with the single come remixes by Dualesque, Theatre of Delays, Exildiscount and an additional Chillout 80s Mix. The EP is out now in all stores through Killerrrec.

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