From the murky underbelly of Canada’s Big Smoke (i.e. Tronno); aka “The 6″ The acid and ice cream duo of hallucinogenic poet, and vibe mix doctor Alixander Dirty 30 III (Azari & III) and the XXX-Missing-Link-Raygun ravisher MelleeFresh had been burbling under the surface of their deep house and rare groove saturated city scene, secretly concocting a thrashing musical opera so unlike the surface noise in its dark and machine funky grotto.

Their clandestine exploits would continue underground until along the way they adopted a young Joel Zimmerman, soon to become the industry that is Deadmau5, who briefly brought their ideas to the public via his remix of “Beautiful, Rich & Horny”, BBC Radio favourite championed by Pete Tong & Judge Jules, and landing the budding rodent a seat in the roller coaster to fame and fortune.

But the shortly after this brief flirt with infamous, it was straight back into the impenetrable underground, with this, their most unusual project to date…However Alixander went on to conceive, launch and lead Azari & III into the annals of inner-city dance culture, and MelleeFresh took dominion over the top charting Play Records empire based out of Canada and Play Deep Studios in London, UK.

After bouncing the idea and fond love for their lost album around for years since it was buried in time and culture, it is finally risen to be born again, too ahead of its time at the time, and who knows what it is now? Other than what is immediately discernible: This album is one mad, inspired, out-there musical mayhem, real instrumentation and sound effects, a solitary artifact of free floating astrobelt funky junk.

Hard to be believe this weird and wild project launched the careers of Azari & III, Deadmau5 and MelleeFresh, but have a listen and its clear where all those future elements felt around for their solid footing.

Eclectic Electro Trash n’ Klash a mélange of madness at its finest!

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