Magical Mistakes releases the LP “Peaking in the Pitch Black” via The Playground Records today.
Currently based in Osaka, Japan, Erik runs the small events and boutique label Perfect Touch, working with labels and artists (Leaving Records, Shigeto, Yosi Horikawa, Obey City etc.) on tours and cross cultural creative projects.

Following the path of other artists, like Bon Iver, Magical Mistakes, (a.k.a Erik Luebs) moved to Shiba-san, one of Japan’s most rural villages, to create his sound. Here he was able to draw inspiration from his environment and also from the lineage of contemplative beats crafted by the vibrant community of Osaka artists, such as Shlohmo and Mount Kimbie. It’s clear when listening to Magical Mistakes that his style strives to combine Eastern and Western influences. His tracks are textural, bell-bathed, slow slung electronic compositions blended with organic instrumentation, Japanese motifs, and ambient sounds, that create an immersive underwater effect.
Working with natural and synthetic sounds to explore honest and intense corners of the human emotional spectrum, Erik is inspired by ambient soundscapes and drone music as well as industrial-techno beats to fuse something quite unique. “Peaking in the Pitch Black” is an incredible example of an artist coming into one’s own, showing confidence and maturity of an artist unafraid to test new boundaries.  
Erik explains if his inspiration when recording the album, “These tracks were made over a two month period hopping around between Osaka, Tokyo, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. I’ve never felt at home with a specific genre or scene, which is a curse and a blessing. Perhaps the change in geography is evident in the malleable genres of the tracks themselves. Post-rock, techno, drone, IDM; snippets of what’s influenced me musically throughout my life.”

Today we share the beautiful Shinamo Moki´s Remix.

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