Can you imagine a painting collaboration between Gerhard Richter and Jean Michel Basquiat? What would happen if the vibrant, urban Jazz infused poetry of the latter, were to dissolve in the layered, contemplative, linear abstractions of the squeegee paintings of the former?

Izzjazz, the self tiled debut of this Berlin based duo, is a compositional triptych which explores the possibilities of creating living “sound and word paintings.’ It’s an exercise in crafting sonic art objects as meditations, out of scraps of dreams, visions, hallucinations assembled over electronica flotsam. It’s a sound design driven, hyperlink studded liquid amalgam of audio that reveals new layers of meaning with each successive listening.

The creators of the project are adamant to point out, that the piece was not created to please in any aesthetic sense, but rather to create an experience. Multiple listening using headphones is recommended. As an alternative, the project can also be experienced as a 3D, immersive sound sculpture (as an installation or live) thanks to the collaboration with immersive sound designers Taucher, and their new software called MNTN. A binaural emulation of one of these sound sculptures made for the song Izzjazz will be made available in wav format and as a project session, real soon.

Izzjazz are Leonard de Leonard (sound composition and sound design), Lukasz Polowczyk, aka RQM (text and verbiage).

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