w0rkt34m, the techno label run by Loud Neighbor, Marcos In Dub and Xpansul, released it’s 7th vinyl on February 12, 2016 with the mysterious producer 4NYØN3.

The 12” EP called “ANYWHERE” contains 3 funky techno tracks that have been supported by the likes of Ben Simms, Jonas Kopp and The Advent to name of few. On May Day the digital version came out with 2 bonus tracks, which can mix in the nitty-gritty-techno-funk to any DJ set.

All 5 tracks have their own personality, but a common core of rawness, sophistication and effectiveness in the club. “Utila” is overflowing with electricity, while “Madonna” is subtle, yet provocative. “Atocha” chugs forward within its metallic and industrial atmosphere while “Swing” is reminiscent to the 90s with its hard groove. “Cave” tops it all off with an unleashed and shattering sound. When all of these 5 tracks come together in this EP we have heavy dosage of elegant sound design infused with dirty funk that destroys the floor.

The 4NYØN3 “ANYWHERE” EP, takes w0rkt34m to darker and rougher territories, while maintaining the crude and analog sound that the truck has always delivered since day one. The vinyl is available world wide in all the best online shops, as well as many local record stores while supplies last.


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