Peter Doherty - Feb 1 2014 Berlin White Trash presents @ the Diamond Lounge

Photo by Martin Klingman

Peter Doherty – Feb 1 2014 Berlin White Trash presents @ the Diamond Lounge

Two hours waiting in the freezing cold to get into the over sold out solo show of Peter Doherty… then 2 hours waiting for the show to begin indoors only increased the excitement and chaos about the erupt at Prenzlauer Berg’s Diamond Lounge on Saturday Feb 1st 2014. Around 10:15pm Doherty came out on stage with a bloody nose, his band mate/guitarist of Babyshambles, Mick Whitnall, cigs, drinks and a crew of friends in the background sitting down filming the gig.

Straight into the lashing, Doherty began to sing. Rock n roll collided in the smokiest of rooms. Fans rammed bodies into each other. Stage diving, drinks passed, conversation and genius all happened in the matter of the night at White Trash. The crowd sang along to every song
that Doherty charismatically slid through like a devoted cult of believers only know how.

The body covered room was blasted with tunes from the Libs days, Babyshambles and greats from Grace/Wastelands amongst other Doherty classics. A treat for all that could maintain standing in riot act of a night. If a fire marshal showed up for inspection, the club would be shut down for the night. The room felt electric, like on the night of an incoming hurricane. You knew it was coming…you just didn’t know when. About halfway into the gig, it arrived. What ? Chaos. The crowd became so electric that bodies were pushed forward one into the other… fans ended up on stage, just to avoid physical harm from being crushed, myself included. Doherty kept singing and strumming like nothing was wrong. I did catch him sing… “you dirty loud cunt”, once people were overtaking the stage. Can’t blame him. Club workers began assisting people back into the crowd, while other fans kept making their way onto the stage. Like clockwork, the night miraculously carried on until Doherty and Whitnall took a short intermission. Good thing too, the crowd sure needed to be contained for a bit.

A wonderful night of artistry it was and judging from the looks on many faces, I am sure a few were happy to survive the night.
Here are some of the songs from the show: Love you but you’re green, for lovers, lost art of murder, sheepskin tearaway, what katie did, nothing comes to nothing, fuck forever, etc…

Just an observation, not a review

Video: Peter DohertyLast Of The English Roses

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