Photo by Jakub Koncir

This month´s Killerrradio Dj Mix was created by Berlin´s Electro Rocker Twins Dualesque. The brothers just released their Ep “Uncomplicated” on Killerrrec, accompanied with remixes from David Carretta (Space Factory, Gigolo Records), Electrosexual (Killerrrec) and Kalif (L.U.X.).

Manuel and Mario Unterhuber´s sets combine some different styles of electronic music, from Electro House to French Electro to Dubstep to Radio Pop Songs remixed, as they already showcased on the last Ich Bin Ein Berliner Festival in Berlin´s legendary SO36 as well as in Manuel´s Solo Dj Shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dualesque are currently back in the studio, producing their next outputs. Their yet unreleased track “Loud” is already featured in this Killerrradio Set!

Listen to Killerrradio#5:

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