Although shrouded by intrigue and perplexity Theatre of Of Delays is an up and coming producer that is bringing sophistication and class back into the world of electronic music with his grand sounding originals and the swan song of his achievements. His amazing remixes! You can check them out here.
His heavy usage of real instruments coupled with a splash of unconventional percussions such as the Triangle makes Theatre Of Delays remixes and originals stand out having that unique quality. This International man of Mystery has developed a cult following of listeners when he debuted his remix of Justice’s “Audio, Video, Disco” on Soundcloud garnering over 3,724 plays and 801 downloads.

One week later Justice started a Video Cover contest probably inspired from this remix. Good fortunes didn’t stop there as Jamie From The XX featured his remix of “Angels” on their Facebook fan page, Acid Washed added Theatre of Delays remix of “What you want” from Boys Noize into their Summer DJ mix for Trax Magazine and Treasure Fingers put the Sequential Circuits remix of Superlover in his top ten Beatport chart.
Hype Machine rated Theatre Of Delays´s remix of The XX´s “Angels” at Number 3 and stayed on there for almost 2 weeks!

Coming off playing a successful DJ gig supporting the likes of Dj Supermarkt and the Drop Out Orchestra, the future is bright for this Berlin producer as he is getting the attention from his peers in the electronic scene.

“Now imagine the climax of a movie, the moment when the rising tension finally detonates, like a punch in the face. Now imagine watching the same scene in slow motion. You can recognize every little emotion and every shade, you are drifting into a soft, wistful vision. That’s the power of Theatre of Delays: emotions in a time paradox. Romantic sci-fi soundtracks turned into disco dreams. Cult songs reworked with a gentle mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds, tied together in a lazy cinematic boogie.”


1. Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s Dancers (Alkalino Classic Re-edit)

2. LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge

3. Rebotini – 1314 (Acid Washed Remix)

4. Marbeya Sound – Rachel’s Vision

5. Tristesse Contemporaine – I Didn’t Know

6. Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko (Irregular Disco Workers Remix)

7. Theatre Of Delays – Bonsai Symphony

8. Darkness Falls – The Void (Trentemöller Remix)

9. Jackson And His Computer Band – Arp #1

10. Theatre Of Delays – Black Ballet

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