SchwefelgelbHere at Killerrr we can’t wait to rock out at the Ich Bin Ein Berliner festival. With so many anticipated heavy electro techno artists and bands, we will no doubt be sonically and visually blown away. With us today is Berlin’s ‘Techno’ two piece band, Schwefelgelb.

Hey guys how you doing? Please introduce yourselves.

We are Sid and Eddy, members of the berlin-based band Schwefelgelb. We are fine, thanks.

Your EP Dunkel Vor Den Augen Uns was your recent release. What was your process exactly and what makes it different from your previous releases?

There was a lot of time between this release and our former one in 2010. Within that time we graduated and moved, so we couldn’t work on new material constantly. However, two of the songs on “Dunkel vor den Augen uns” were started a long time ago and therefore have been edited a lot until the final versions were formed. We wouldn’t recommend all this re-editing process, but it was necessary because as we changed, the songs needed to change also. The sound on the new EP is rougher and more raw than before. We discovered a new preference for simplicity and crudeness, which we had previously forgotten about.

What’s your history together? How did you meet? And how are the songs created between you two.

We have known each other for almost our whole lives. Our mothers introduced us before kindergarden. Usually Sid comes up with a musical idea, shows it to Eddy and then it’s a back-and-forth until a final version is achieved. Sid is the one who does most of the practical work. For lyrics Eddy provides a selection of fragments and Sid picks parts of it to put it in a loose context.

You’ve played all around Europe and went even as far as Japan. What’s the scene like in Japan compared to Berlin/Germany/Europe? Has it influenced your music at all by being out there?

It’s a strange and very exciting experience to play in Japan. We’re not sure if we got a proper impression of “the scene” though. We got some insights, but we’re not really sure if we understood the network of the underground. So these are just vague impressions: It seemed like the transient area between Goth and Techno is different to the one in Berlin. It seemed to point towards Cyber rather than Minimal Wave or Witch House, as it does here. But then there’s a big Minimal Techno, Tech House and French Techno community like most over Europe. Regardless, we met very nice people there and felt very comfortable in the nightlife (but very expensive!). We felt the most Berlin-like vibes were in a “women only bar” (how did we get in there?) called “Motel203” (now called “Gold Finger“).
Traveling always has an influence on our music. It’s rather subconscious though, as we are not story tellers and thus don’t mention concrete experiences in our lyrics. But it surely changes our view on the world and alters the way of being creative. But the biggest influence we could feel is still Berlin which might just be due to the amount of time we spend here.

You’re ‘Techno from Berlin’. This describes you perfectly. What synthesizers do you use? And what originally inspired your sound?

We are constantly changing our set-up. For the latest release we used a mix of software and analogue hardware. That is some NI Reaktor instruments or Arturia Plug-Ins on the software side and DSI Prophet and Vermona Mono Lancet on the hardware side. We have been influenced by a lot of different genres. Most obvious is the kind of Electro/Electroclash that appeared around 2000: Artists like ADULT., Dopplereffekt, The Hacker. As well as its influences like early 80s EBM.

Your live shows have been known to be very versatile and expressive, using dancers in order to highlight the atmosphere of your sound. How do you come up with you show? And what’s the process when collaborating with other creatives such as the dancers you use?

The dancers are just old friends who we’ve known as long as we’ve known each other. I wouldn’t even call it a process. It’s just like: “-Let’s do something all together! –I can’t play any instruments. –Okay, just dance!” But it’s true: We like the idea of emphasizing music with visual features, like light and costumes for instance, without becoming a theatre play.

What’s in store for you in the coming months, year (any planned new releases)?

We’ll definitely release another single together with a video, later this year. We don’t know about a further EP or album. But there is more to come! Remixes too.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for the interview and for your support.

We can’t wait to see you at Ich Bin Ein Berliner 9 August, thanks for being with us today and all the best for your show.


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