Electrosexual © Sandra Thiedecke & Stefan Busch

Electrosexual © Sandra Thiedecke & Stefan Busch

Fusing primitive analogic electronic music with original avant-hard sophisticated programming, this Analog Fetishist, Electrosexual, is with us here today at Killerrr.com to answer some very anticipated questions.

Hello how are you? Having checked out your back catalogue, you have released a ton of material and your single, Devolution, featuring guest vocals by Transformer Di Roboter, will be out in September 2013. Please tell us your process on creating Devolution and what should we expect to hear? 

Devolution was an unexpected track to make. It originally was a combining of two very different songs that could not be completed separately. When I mixed both parts the association totally made sense with the 2 strong elements.  When I played the instrumental to Alex of Transformer Di Roboter, he spontaneously recorded vocals for it. His trademark Funkpop touch was perfect for the song. I am very happy that the song is released on Killerrrec. and revisited by the remixers I like such as Dualesque, Loïs Plugged & Fruckie, Henning Specht and Tubbe.

What originally inspired you to create heavy electronic music? What kind of instruments are you currently playing to create the sound you want?

I always loved the Club culture over the past decades, and I love to create tracks that can be played both at home and in the clubs. I play synthesizers and drum pads. I generally create a melody on one of my favourite synth, the Jx3P which was the first polyphonic from Roland to incorporate midi. Then I use my computer as a track recorder to integrate all the parts I will need for the final piece.

Electrosexual - Photo © Stéphane Hervé

Electrosexual – Photo © Stéphane Hervé

You’ve had some collaborations with other artists such as Peaches featuring vocals on your work. You’ve also been busy remixing songs from bands such as Noblesse Oblige, Republica, Aniaetleprogrammeur, to name a few; how did this come about? And what is the experience like when collaborating with other artists?

I usually only work with artists I know personally and appreciate. Otherwise I cannot find the excitement to create. I do love to make remixes as you feel at the same time restrained (you already have a defined vocal to use) and completely free and decomplexed (it won’t be your own track in the end) it often allows me to experiment new ways of creating and also takes me out of my comfort zone.

Around 2005 you created your own label, Rock Machine Records, how is your time split between creating music and being the head of a music label? 

Creating Rock Machine Records was a question of freedom, freedom of creation. So far we released 6 vinyls and a total of 14 Ep’s. I find it very interesting as an independent artist to be in charge of my own publishing, promotion and distribution. I do think it’s liberating. In many ways it brings us back to the origins of the music business when it was still a mysterious, stimulating and surprising road

You created your name Electrosexual in order to represent the non-human-sexuality. I love this! But why are you interested in the non-human-sexuality: what does this mean to you? And what influence does this have on your music?

I consider Machines and synthesizers as genitors through the process of creation, and when I created my stage name I loved this surreal idea of giving life to objects in a very David Cronenberg way. In this way the machines lead the creative process.  Most of my synthesizers need to be patched, plugged together or synchronized, I have to tame them to obtain the sounds or melodies I need for my songs. You get the point ;)

You’re originally from Toulouse but have a strong presence in Berlin, is there a difference for you between the Berlin scene and France? Do you have a preference?

Berlin is a very stimulating city. There is a high quality level in the electronic music scene,  also because many international talented artists gather in this city. The music culture in Germany has also been dominated for decades by groundbreaking prog-rock artists and fantastic electronic music performers. Berlin is also a city that has it’s own music legends and fantasies which I find enthralling.

Last but not least, is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

I am very excited to perform in one of my favourite venues in Berlin, the SO36. I very rarely perform solo, and it will definitely be a special night.

Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to catching your show on the 9 of August at SO36 Ich Bin Ein Berliner Festival.

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/LCTRSXUAL
SOUNDCLOUD:  https://soundcloud.com/electrosexual

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