Dualesque - UncomplicatedDualesque‘s Uncomplicated is out now on Killerrrec, accompanied with remixes from David Carretta (Space FactoryGigolo Records), Electrosexual (Killerrrec) and Kalif (L.U.X.). And in addition a piano version with a children’s choir.


Buy & Streaming Links:

Beatport iTunes Spotify


The VIDEO for Uncomplicated was premiered exclusively December 18th on the Local Suicide Blog. Click here to jump to the Post or watch it here:


Video produced by Killerrrec
Camera & Lights: Felix Jäkel (http://www.felix-jaekel.com)

The EP received the likes from Claek, Larry Tee, Acid Washed, Christopher Kah, Benoit Carretier (TSUGI), Dj Hell, Javi Lamar (Dj Mag Spain), Toe (Dj Mag.de), Mathias Weck (FluxFm), Wolfgang Flür (Yamo, ex-Kraftwerk), just to name a few.

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