Artwork by Hnr gbrl (haga)

Since summer 2012 Killerrr has been following the Berlin-based french dark-psychedelic-electro-band Aniaetleprogrammeur.

After the album “The Friendly Expectations Of The Stars”, Aniaetleprogrammeur are now releasing a stunning 13-Track-Output called “TFEOTS Remixes”, which contains extra brand new edits and delicious remixes cooked by aMinus, Electrosexual, La Chatte, Noblesse Oblige, ODXT, Osica, TUSK, Valquire Veljkovic, Velvet Condom and Yasmin Gate.


“TFEOTS Remixes” is out now as a Free Download here on


Download Album on: Soundcloud
Download Artwork
Download Album on Aniaetleprogrammeur┬┤s Facebook

“Low Passion” Video


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