KillerrrFlyerBlogKILLERRR is proud to present the release party of DUALESQUE‘s debut single “Uncomplicated” on the 21st December at FLUXBAU.

The single is set to be released on the 27 Dec exclusively on Beatport and the 10 January 2014 in all the other stores, accompanied with remixes from David Carretta (Space Factory, Gigolo Records), Electrosexual (Killerrrec) and Kalif (L.U.X.). And in addition a piano version with a children’s choir.

To celebrate this release we will set FLUXBAU on fire with KILLERRREC Artists and friends:

Turbo twin brothers, Manuel and Mario Unterhuber create a wall of hot club noise with fuzzed-out techno beats fused with synthesized vocals. Check out their live video and get ready for the live thunder!

KALIF – Live
Two guys with super skinny long legs discover their love for disco. Don´t miss their excellent remix treatment on the “Uncomplicated” Release.

Artist and partner of Killerrrec, Yasmin Gate recently released her club bomb “Spinning Around” which reached the top ten of the DJ MAG Spain charts. As a dj she is not afraid to mix electro tracks with darker techno or fresh house. So bring your dancing shoes!

Synth Tamer, Analog Fetishist & Arpeggio Afficionado, The Amylnitrate-Disko producer Electrosexual merges primitive analogic electronic music with original and sophisticated avant-hard programming. His single “Devolution” is still hot on Killerrrec. Don´t miss the remix he made for Dualesque´s “Uncomplicated” Release.

Felix-thecat- (Visuals)
The tireless Felix loves to shoot amazing visuals. A well known visual artist at best Berlin´s Clubs!

Joint us at the Fb Event here

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